Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's not just creationists who are nutty: Simon Singh versus non-evidence-based nonsense from the British Chiropractic Association

I would like to think that readers of this blog, and anyone who has read my book, are happy to agree that creationism is, in the words of Baba Brinkman, "dead wrong". But sadly there are many other forms of non-evidence-based nonsense out there, from conspiracy theories to the use of chiropractic to treat asthma or bed-wetting.

Simon Singh is a well-known writer, who first came to prominence with his documentary and subsequent book on Fermat's Last Theroem. When a few years ago, with Dominic White, I released The Origin of Species in Dub, I was delighted to see a comment from Simon, saying that he had enjoyed it and I gave him a DVD of the videos from the work when he visited the University of Birmingham a few years back.

Today, Simon is going to court in London for a preliminary hearing in a libel case brought against him by the British Chiropractic Association for a piece he wrote in the Guardian. The following links provide some of the background:

I wish Simon luck today in his struggle against this legal idiocy! You can e-mail him your support on and join the relevant Facebook group here.

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