Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interesting post on protein folding and evolution

A few months back, John Farrell, a Catholic writer and producer working in Boston, approached me, concerned over a creationist argument about the evolution of protein folding. I answered him best I could, but also put him touch with several people far more expert in this field than I am. It is pleasing to see the fruits of his enquiries laid on his own blog here:

The Evolution of Protein Folding: Is a Crisis Brewing for Darwin?

Interested readers should take a look!

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SteveF said...

Hi Mark,

Speaking of creationists, but closer to your area of expertise, I note that the ID crowd have been crowing about this paper as representing the death blow for Nick Matzke's model:

"The Evolution of the Flagellar Assembly Pathway in Endosymbiotic Bacterial Genomes"

I was wondering if you had any comments. For completeness sake, you can check out the creationists here: