Monday, April 20, 2009

15 Evolutionary Gems from Nature magazine

Nature magazine has created a neat resource entitled 15 Evolutionary Gems, which lists papers published by the journal that exemplify the power of evolutionary thinking.  The resource includes links to full text versions of the original papers, which are all well worth a look. Below is a lists of the topics covered:
Gems from the fossil record
1 Land-living ancestors of whales
2 From water to land
3 The origin of feathers
4 The evolutionary history of teeth
5 The origin of the vertebrate skeleton
Gems from habitats
6 Natural selection in speciation
7 Natural selection in lizards
8 A case of co-evolution
9 Differential dispersal in wild birds
10 Selective survival in wild guppies
11 Evolutionary history matters
Gems from molecular processes
12 Darwin’s Galapagos finches
13 Microevolution meets macroevolution
14 Toxin resistance in snakes and clams
15 Variation versus stability

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