Friday, March 13, 2009

Darwin's Pilgrims in Malvern: the Movie

I am trying to create a movie of the Darwin's Pilgrims tour, where I hosted a tour of Darwinian sites and series of shows from Lauri Lebo and Baba Brinkman. But the project is turning out to be too large to do in one go in iMovie, so I am going to create a series of short films as a I go along and then join them all together at the end.

Here is a draft version of the first film--the final version will be better quality (currently having problems with the titles). This movie captures Lauri Lebo and Cyndi Sneath's short visit to Great Malvern (an event beset by bad weather!). And in case you don't recognise it, the music is Nimrod by Elgar, the English composer who lived in Malvern (Lauri is seen shaking his statue's hand at the end).

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Karen James said...

Ooo, very nice. Looking forward to future installments.