Saturday, September 27, 2008

Q: Where would you find Darwin in a McDonalds?

A: In Darwin's hometown Shrewsbury, in the basement of the McDonald's in Pride Hill [postcode: SY1 1DQ ], where you can dine enclosed by ancient town walls! 

And this stained glass image provides another reason for religious bigots to hate McDonald's (on top of the chain's alleged promotion of homosexuality). It is a pity the likeness is so poor! 

You will have to buy a copy of the Rough Guide to Evolution to get the evolutionary tourist guide to Shrewsbury, but below are a few more pictures from my own visit to the town earlier this year. About Darwin also has some images from Shrewsbury.

St Chad's, where Darwin was baptised.
Darwin statue outside the building that once housed the Shrewsbury School.

Darwin's parents' grave in Montford

Church in Montford

Gardens now occupy the Dingle, formerly a quarry where the boy Darwin fished for newts.

Site of Darwin's first school

Darwin Gate: a modern public monument

Plaque outside the Unitarian chapel which the young Darwin attended with his mother.

Darwin is even memorialised in a Shrewsbury shopping mall!

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