Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Evolution: The musical!

“Charles H. Darwin” meets Jesus in this Rocky Horror re-mix of the creation versus evolution debate, which I just discovered on the IMDB.
Definitely comes with a parental advice warning and perhaps rather puerile in places (well, all the way through!), but I found it entertaining and amusing! Frustratingly cannot find any MP3s of the songs yet: film maker, please release them!

This song in particular is an nice addition to nerdcore parodies of biblical literalism:

In particular, it perfectly complements MC Frontalot's aka The Reverend Front Aloud's Origin of The Species:

Lyrics here with some brilliant cheeky geeky lines 
"Do you, do you really believe that we were nothing but them monkeys swinging up in the trees? Don't it seem a little likelier that Adam and Eve did a lot of humping, and that was the origin of the species?"
"This is still the curse of Copernicus that we suffer, secular thought ought not overrun its buffer..."


Evolution: The Musical! said...

MP3's from "Evolution: The Musical" available here:


Riding Falkor said...
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Riding Falkor said...

Yay! Evolution MP3's are available!!! Woooo!!!!