Friday, August 8, 2008

Coming soon: Fossil Detectives on BBC4

Have just noticed this post on the NatureWatch blog about Fossil Detectives, a new eight part series from the BBC Natural History Unit showcasing British fossils, fronted by geologist-cum-presenter Hermione Cockburn. The first episode will be on Thursday 21 Aug at 7.30pm on BBC 4, so if you are going on holiday, don't forget to set the video recorder. 

Lot's more information, including a free guide (if in UK) from the Open University Website:


kerensa said...

Hello, a little update. After its run on BBC Four last Summer, just to let you know Fossil Detectives is coming to BBC Two every Friday at 7pm from October 24th 2008!

Mark Pallen said...

kerensa, thanks for that! It is also worth noting that there is a lavishly illustrated book to accompany the series: