Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Audiobooks: Beagle, Origin, Dawkins and Darwin

Given the current interest in Dawkins' latest series on Darwin, it is worth noting that Dawkins had recorded a five-hour-long abridged version of the Origin of the Species, which is now available in iTunes
Click on the link to load it up in your version of iTunes:
(but my version of iTunes isn't working after upgrading to 7.7.1 grrr!! When is Apple gonna get it right?)
It is by far the best audio version of the book and provides an easy introduction for those intimidated by the prospect of reading the whole volume. 

For the completist, a full 19-hour audio  version of the Origin is available from Darwin Online, but as it is computer- generated it is hard work to listen to.

Another hidden, and free, audiobook treasure is a series of readings from Darwin's Beagle Diary, performed by a professional British actor, Jo Stone-Fewings, which were originally broadcast on the BBC and are now available via Darwin Online.

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