Saturday, August 1, 2009

Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide to Evolution now available in MP3

Canadian Lit Hop artist Baba Brinkman has just released his new album, The Rap Guide to Evolution, and as a special promotion, the album can be downloaded for free during the month of August in MP3 format. Follow the links from Baba's web page to get your copy:

Although Baba is not charging for downloads, he would appreciate donations to cover production costs.

The Rap Guide to Evolution is a hip-hop exploration of modern Evolutionary Biology. The album is based on the stage show of the same name, which appears at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Follow Baba's progress at the Fringe via his own blog for the event (Darwin on the Fringe) and be sure to go see the show if you are visiting the Fringe.

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