Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Suzi Quatro's "Hey Charly!": the song for the Darwin bicentenary!

A while back I started a thread on the ultimate Darwin concept album:
Well, I never did get around to revealing my top choice: a unique concept album from 1991 called Darwin (The Evolution), by the Bolland Project: an eclectic mix of prog-rock, rock ballardry, electronica and euro-pop. 

For the album, brothers Rob and Ferdi Bolland (a talented duo with many production credits to their name) enlisted talents as diverse as: 
In addition, for those in search of chilled out music with an evolutionary bent there are two tracks from Future World Orchestra, “The Beagle” and “Origin of Species”, which are still available on a later compilation album "The Hidden Files" (2000).

But, alas, the album as a whole and most of the tracks on it are no longer on sale, which is a great shame, as it would form the perfect musical backdrop to the forthcoming "year of Darwin". One of the tracks, Suzi Quatro's "Hey Charly!" in particular would be the ideal song for the Darwin bicentenary. 

I have tried contacting the Bolland brothers without success. So, in a plea to Suzi and the Bolland brothers, I have placed the track (plus a little video I threw together, see below) on YouTube in the hope that they will somehow get the message and re-release the track and even the whole album in time for Darwin's 200th birthday on 12th February 2009! Please share the video with friends and if you wish to add your voice to this request, e-mail Suzi's manager on

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